Monday, August 29, 2011

Register for THIS SUNDAY Cheerobix Workshop

Ah. Summer...

Full of sun and love and slow motion driving down some boulevard with the wind breezing through your hair...

We're holding on to summer as long as we can with this month's

Cheerobix: Endless Summer

Songs that are splashy, sassy and breezy paired with the moves to match. We hope you can join is THIS SUNDAY.


Scroll down a bit to see a full description :)

See you Sunday!
The Jenarator

Cheerobix on WCIU!

So Exciting! Thanks to all who came out to participate in this fun class we taught for WCIU!

Click Here to see the segment

Thursday, August 11, 2011

FREE Cheerobix class NEXT FRIDAY!!

What is that you say? FREE fun?? YES!  WGN would like to do a taping of one of our classes and needed a weekday slot, so we are offering YOU an opportunity to take Cheerobix for free and perhaps even be on tv!

We do hope you can come [sneak out of work early--it's a FRIDAY]

DO a little scrolling and then click on the Register button below to save your spot!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jock Jams a.k.a Sweat Fest

Whoa. That workshop was so sweaty the mirror had splatters all over it!  Way to work it, squad!  It is always so nice to look out into the crowd and see all your smiling faces.  Smiling, red, sweaty faces. Did we just burn like 1200 calories? [probably]

Hope your shoulders, hamstrings, backs and quads are feeling the burn in that good way today.  Be on the lookout for all our August info coming up!  There's so much Cheerobix this month... Hooray!

The Jenarator

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yay for proof that we exist! Thanks to Allison Williams [photographing for TimeOut Chicago] who so graciously offered these pics to us after we patiently [sort of] waited for a the contractual 60-day waiting period after the article printed.  So sweet! Check out her other gorgeous work here

Jock Jams ::: New Video

Gimme a T! Gimme an R! Gimme an AIN! 
 Hope you enjoy our latest video with one of our new routines.                          
It's super simple, so make it extra SASSY.  Enjoy!

Your Spirited Leaders

Cheerobix is a magical dance fitness class with poms! You'll be drenched in sweat while you dance, prance and drop it low. This is your squad. Come cheer dance with us!

Matthew Hollis [Mattrick Swayze]

Matthew Hollis has been committed to fitness for over 6 years as a certified personal trainer and iron-pumping addict. He trains individuals, teaches various group classes and boot camps, and will whip your hot tail into gear. His no nonsense approach keeps his clients focused and working hard throughout every workout. Your results are his top priority, but lucky for you, he is also very charming and fun to have around. You can find Matthew teaching and training and Cheetah Gyms, Columbia College, Indigo Studio and corporate classes at Google!

Jena Ertel [the Jenarator]

Jena began her on-again off-again experience with poms in middle school and has had cheer in her heart ever since. A degree in Dance from Columbia as well as a Dance Education certification from UWM led her to over 10 years [so far] of teaching dance and movement of all sorts to people of all ages. Jena currently teaches group fitness and yoga classes and loves the booming sound of unison pom swishes. She is a certified yoga instructor and is constantly building her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology so she can be the best educator to her students. If she is not practicing her body rolls and high kicks, you'll probably find the Jenarator smothering her little doggie and baby Emmitt with kisses or obsessing over flora or fauna of some sort.


Well, Mattrick and the Jenarator have been great pals for just about ever, meeting as dance students in college. They have performed together and separately for over a decade and have been cheering together for about 6 years.

In 2007, Matthew created a performance group/concept called the "Power of Cheer" based on his need to be his own best cheerleader. So began an honest, funny, raw series of performances done with two other men, and sometimes just he alone.

As the popularity of the Power of Cheer grew, so did the squad. A core group of 5 males and 4 females began to form and not only did Matthew create, produce and execute a hugely successful full-length evening performance piece, but this core squad also began performing full-scale pom routines and original cheers for the halftime shows for the Windy City Rollers, as well as pranced and kicked on a moving float for 3 consecutive Gay Pride Parades.

It seemed evident that the practice that went into rehearsing for these shows was so physically demanding, that it would make for a really fun, cardio-tastic form of group fitness. With that in mind, in summer 2010, Matthew was asked by the City of Chicago to lead a series of ‘Cheerobics’ classes in Millennium Park, which was wildly popular.

One night, Jena and Matthew were dancing around in an empty beergarden and he showed her some of the moves from these ‘Cheerobics’ classes and Jena got so excited she said, “We HAVE to do this. People would LOVE this! “

And now here we are. Present day. Jena joins forces with Matthew to co-create a Cheerobix curriculum and pedagogy to take to all the inner cheerleaders out there. Because it's fun to dance, its fun to prance, and darn it--its fun to play with pom pons!